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hwo to transfer to a new host

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I would like to retire a old host. How could I transfer all the Cloudera Manager managed data(hdfs data, impala data, etc...) into a specific new host.




Re: hwo to transfer to a new host

Cloudera Employee

Hi zhuangmz,


You have to make a difference between the actual HDFS data (blocks) and the Hadoop services on the host.

Simply said, HDFS takes care of replicating the data to other host if you are removing one (called de-comissioning in Cloudera Manager).


However, services will need to be manually assigned to the new host. Also, there could be some difference whether you are dealing with worker (like datanode, nodemanager) or master (namenode, resource manager) roles.


If you desribe what services do you have on your host you wan't to retire, I can be more specific.





Re: hwo to transfer to a new host

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Hi, zegab.
I've successfully transfer HDFS namenode, failovernode and journalnode using cloudera manager.
Can I transfer a datanode to another host.
What If that host is already a datanode and store some data? Will they merge or?


Re: hwo to transfer to a new host

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Actually, I would like to know more details about data administration in HDFS. Could you share me a link on this? Thanks.