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impala error after TLS config


impala error after TLS config




After I configured the Catalog server with TLS, it won't start. It does not give an error but, it does say this:


Failed to create socket: SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations: No suck file or directory.

unable to connect to "hostname":24000


I made sure it can reach the certs it uses. It also was able to connect to the metastore


Re: impala error after TLS config

Cloudera Employee



When using SSL/TLS, you have to enable it across the cluster, i.e. for each impalad and the statestore and the catalog.


This error means that you have probably not pointed the "--ssl_server_certificate" option to the right certificate location. You can verify what this option is currently is set to by going to the catalogd.INFO log and grepping for the option to see its value.


Once you set that, this should be fixed.

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