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import script


I would like to populate metadata from hive to atlas and would like to run the following script to run. Do I need to use any specific ID to run this script? Do I need to run as hive?



@Anpan K

No you don't because the permission is 0755, to be able to run this script successfully it requires hadoop and hive classpath jars to be in place.

Here is an HCC document for reference


@Anpan K Depending on your security authorization settings you may need to use specific id/principal such hive otherwise it will fail due authorization issues. If environment is kerberized I believe you need to kinit before running it.


Thank you very much both of you. Yes, script is executable and I can run the script. Yes, I am talking about the permission to read and write access between Atlas and Hive. If the environment is kerberoized I can do kinit and get the ticket number. Does it mean any user who gets ticket can run the import script?

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