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indexer-specific classpath

indexer-specific classpath





Consider having two collections `products1` and `products2` and alias `products`->`products1`. For seamless collection updates, we usually update `products2` libraries, reindex the contents and then simply switch the alias to `products`->`products2`. Then, the next time we do the same with `products1`.


The HBASE_INDEXER_CLASSPATH parameter in hbase-indexer does not help here because custom libraries that we use for producs1 and 2 hold the same classes but with changed contents.


It would be great if one could add extra libraries to a specific hbase-indexer, e.g. via indexer attribute `libs`:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<indexer table="Article" libs="./some/dir,./some/file.jar" mapper="com.ngdata.hbaseindexer.morphline.MorphlineResultToSolrMapper" row-field="id" unique-key-field="id">


Alternatively, can I run multiple hbase-indexers on the same server but different ports? But how would then hbase-indexer cli distinguish between the two indexers?