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inport date from HDFS to HBase using Mapreduce

inport date from HDFS to HBase using Mapreduce


Anyone ever wrote MapReduce program, using Eclipse, to import file from HDFS to HBase table? If yes, please answer a few questions for me:

1. create project

After creating project in eclipse, should we add external JARs to build path in order to compile? if yes, where should we take these JARs, is it all from /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.0.2-1.cdh5.0.2.p0.13/lib (inside hbase or hadoop folder?)?

2 export as jar

Is there anyrhing that we should care about during exporting the project as a jar file?

3 run the jar file

when running the jar file, should we set CLASSPATH, or any other encironment?

Please help me, thank you so much

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