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install presto in CDH cluster


Hi All,

New to presto. Can anyone help with the documentation on how to install presto as an alternative to hive in CDH cluster using CM or CLI. we have 50 node cluster. 




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Did you manage to find documentation? 

That will be very helpful 


Thank you!


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It would be great if someone can share the documentation/steps to setup presto on CDH. Thanks in Advance!

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Hi @pearlraj36 ,


I guess it just rounds down to install presto & configuring it following official docs:

Then, you need all CDH configuration files to be available to presto, my best bet would be setting up presto service on either your worker nodes or edge nodes, so you don't have to worry about manually managing changes to the config files. I'll be trying this soon for a customer, so if anything different comes up i'll try to update this post