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is ambari installation on 2.5.0 is exactly as new version - 2.6.0

until now we installed from scratch the ambari clusters ( version - HDP- , and ambari - 2.5.0 ) successfully

we created scripts for installation for HDP-2.6.0. include blueprint installation scripts

now we want to go next to version HDP - 2.6.3 & ambari 2.6.x

by using the following HDP & ambari kits


so my question is:

based on our current scripts

do we need to change something in our scripts that works fine on HDP- , in order to fit the new version - 2.6.3 and ambari 2.6.x ?

or installation for the new kits (update kits) should be exactly the same ?



You can refer to to install Ambari 2.6.1 with HDP

One change that you might need to make in your scripts for installing ambari is to Review GPL license during ambari server setup (Refer to point 6 in the link below)

@vrathod my problem is with the blueprint not with the mabari - server ( blueprint failed , and seems because the repository problem P


just for your info - the final issue was about the syntax in the repo files under /etc/yum.repo.d