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is it possible to use Solr 5.0+ with CDH 5.4.7 ?

is it possible to use Solr 5.0+ with CDH 5.4.7 ?

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We are using CDH 5.4.7 in current depployment. Solr version provided by cloudera is 4.10.3-cdh5.4.0.

There are some major changes in Solr5.2 which improves indexing and major changes in SolrJ client to support SolrCloud


I also want to use Spark-Solr package which is only supported for Solr 5.0+ 



Any suggestion on how to replace  4.10.3-cdh5.4.0 with Solr 5.0+ on cloudera cluster?


Re: is it possible to use Solr 5.0+ with CDH 5.4.7 ?

We do significant certification and backwards compatibility and cross-component integration testing for each upstream release of Solr that we bring into CDH. While Solr 5 comes with very nice new features that we've contributed upstream, many of them break backwards compatibility wrt Solr 4.10, in ways we can't recommend to any production customers. This is why we on a case-by-case basis make decisions to backport important fixes and features into Solr 4.10.x forward, while aiming for an upcoming future major release to adopt Solr <latest version at that time>. This to always guarantee the best stability and quality, and backwards compatibility, for our many production customers. They recognize the value we provide and are most often willing to wait a bit for new (and sometimes still maturing) features upstream. Hence, and to your question, we have not certified Solr 5 with CDH5.x.
To get insight into our upcoming roadmap, please reach out to Cloudera for a roadmap presentation.

Re: is it possible to use Solr 5.0+ with CDH 5.4.7 ?

Is there any document available from Cloudera containing the backported features or bugs from hugher versions into cdh-x.y.z-solr-4.10.x?

Release notes might contain some info but they are difficult to find y any.

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