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is there a way to skip HDP installation in Ambari when we add new node from custom image to HDP cluser?


Hi, I am using cloud break for cluster auto scaling. When it adds new node to cluster, it is taking almost 15 min to create and install all client stack in it.

As i am using custom image, i want to install all client stack in the image.

So is there a way to skip client stack installation? while adding node from pre installed custom image?

Thanks in Advance.


@Paramesh malla

What you can do is to pre-install Ambari and all the HDP component with a specific version during image burning and reset Ambari afterwards.

This concept is called as pre-warming the image, and Cloudbreak will support it later to speed up cluster creation time.

To have a deeper understanding, you can check what is being done here. (it is important though, that this feature is not supported yet)

Hope this helps!

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