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java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException Error


I connected to Phoenix from Soap UI via JDBC connection, to access HBase tables. When I run any query from Soap UI to access HBase phoenix tables, I am getting the "java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException" error. Could anyone help me on this.



Could any one help me on this asap.

Rising Star

Unfortunately you're going to find that some programs that support JDBC try to do more than just the query that you're submitting. NetBeans is a classic example because it runs a select count(*) on every query. In this case it results in a JDBC call that the Phoenix Driver doesn't support and probably isn't important. I've never used SoapUI's JDBC Tool but I do know that DBeaver/Eclipse w/DBeaver Plugin both work correctly with Phoenix as does DBVisualizer and Jetbrains Datagrip. If you can use one of those tools you'll have a lot easier time.

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