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jdbc windows sqlite

jdbc windows sqlite

New Contributor

Hi I'm new to Nifi and enjoying it so far. I'm trying to suck data out of an SQLite3 db on a windows machine.

database connection : jdbc:sqlite:c:/data/in2017_v05.db

Drive class name : org.sqlite.JDBC

I have the sqlite .jar in the lib dir

I get error cannot create JDBC drive of type org.sqlite.JDBC




Re: jdbc windows sqlite

New Contributor

Ok I think I solved this problem:

in the NiFi log

org.apache.nifi.processor.exception.ProcessException: org.apache.commons.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (path to '"C:\data\in2017_v05.db"': 'C:\NIFI-1~1.0\"C:' does not exist)

it seems that a path is being added to my path it looks in C:\NIFI-1~1.0\ and C: so my path should not have C: in it only \data\in2017_v05.db so this works but only if my data is on the C disk.

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