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kafka-2.2.1+cdh6.3.2-1605554.el7.noarch: unpacking of archive failed: cpio: mkdir


Hello everyone,

i created à local repo for cdh6.3.2 copy of the cdh6.3.2 public repo. I now try to add new host to my cdh6.3 cluster and the kafka install failed when installing packages


Installing : kafka-2.2.1+cdh6.3.2-1605554.el7.noarch 1/1Error unpacking rpm package kafka-2.2.1+cdh6.3.2-1605554.el7.noarch

error: unpacking of archive failed: cpio: mkdir
Verifying : kafka-2.2.1+cdh6.3.2-1605554.el7.noarch 1/1

kafka.noarch 0:2.2.1+cdh6.3.2-1605554.el7


please is there a workaround for this problem ?