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kafka accessibility outside of ec2



I have read every piece of documentation on this topic, and can't seem to find the answer.

I have a kafka 0.10.2 cluster (currently 3 nodes, soon to be 40) installed via Ambari. It works when connecting via the local/private subnet (nifi -> kafka).

When I try and run a producer from our office (cluster is in EC2), it doesn't work, because the bootstrap server meta list returns back internal hostnames of the brokers.

From what I have read, it requires the setting 'advertised.listeners', when I add this setting like this:


Kafka brokers will not start now.

I simply need to be able to produce and consume from kafka from outside of EC2.

What am I overlooking?

Thank you!



@c sol

You will need the public dns for the EC2!


and put it in what setting? i put the public DNS in the advertised listeners settings, and it no worky.


@c sol

Update the /etc/hosts

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