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kafka leaders and Isr are not defined

kafka leaders and Isr are not defined

we have strange behavior about what we see in described Kafka information


we can see that replicas are defined


but all leaders are `NONE` , and also `Isr` is empty

$HOME/ --zookeeper zoo01:2181 --describe


Topic:car_list_abort PartitionCount:30 ReplicationFactor:3 Configs:segment.bytes=8763524700,cleanup.policy=compact,compression.type=producer
Topic: car_list_abort Partition: 0 Leader: NONE Replicas: 3424,3425,3426 Isr:
Topic: car_list_abort Partition: 1 Leader: NONE Replicas: 3425,3426,3421 Isr:
Topic: car_list_abort Partition: 2 Leader: NONE Replicas: 3426,3421,3422 Isr:
Topic: car_list_abort Partition: 3 Leader: NONE Replicas: 3421,3422,3423 Isr:
Topic: car_list_abort Partition: 4 Leader: NONE Replicas: 3422,3423,3424 Isr:
Topic: car_list_abort Partition: 5 Leader: NONE Replicas: 3423,3424,3425 Isr:



what could be the reason for that , and how to resolve it?

**dose Kafka partitions reassignment can solved this situation?**


Re: kafka leaders and Isr are not defined



Could it be a syntax error can you share your command?  the correct format should be 

$ bin/ --describe --zookeeper <zk_host>:2181 --topic <your_topic>

That should give you the desired output




Re: kafka leaders and Isr are not defined

yes the command is works fine , no issue with command 

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