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kafka log dir


My user wants the output of below command - but from linux.


bin/windows/kafka-run-class.bat --files C:/tmp/kafka-logs/test-topic-1/00000000000000000000.log --print-data-log


I think I should run


But where do i see the specific log file for the topic as above ?


I checked in /var/log/kafka - but that only has the log file for kafka itself and not for any specific topic.


I don't see any /tmp/kafka-logs in any of the machines that host kafka in the cluster.


Appreciate any help.


Master Guru
A log is a fundamental storage unit in Kafka:

Its easily confused with a generic service log file.

The log 'data' files reside in the disk directories defined by Kafka - Configuration - 'Data Directories' in Cloudera Manager (log.dirs in a broker's configuration properties).