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kudu cluster check

kudu cluster check




When I am trying to perform kudu cluster check from name node I am getting below reply The consensus matrix is:
Segmentation fault


How can I fix this and what is the reason of this issue?


sudo -u kudu kudu cluster ksck namenode1,namenode2
Connected to the Master
Fetched info from all 10 Tablet Servers
Tablet 41bf4dasda of table 'name' is under-replicated: 1 replica(s) not RUNNING
jksjdkkdaj: TS unavailable
1a05af88 (name:7050): RUNNING [LEADER]
4028533 (namel:7050): RUNNING

2 replicas' active configs differ from the master's.
All the peers reported by the master and tablet servers are:
A = 1a05af887edf4ba7b5c1731ce3508b19
B = 1b3d49dd6ce64acda32f97a89d7de193
C = 4028533287964369928034c3616a0a16

The consensus matrix is:
Segmentation fault


Thank you in advance


Kind regards


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