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last checkpoint error being reported

Master Collaborator

I am not sure why I am getting this error and whats the resolution :



Master Collaborator

I took a manual checkpoint and error is gone but I still want to know how to avoid this error and have system take automatic check points ?

Super Mentor

@Sami Ahmad

Is this a test system? Are the values for the following modified from default

  • dfs.namenode.checkpoint.period, set to 1 hour by default, specifies the maximum delay between two consecutive checkpoints
  • dfs.namenode.checkpoint.txns, set to 1 million by default, defines the number of uncheckpointed transactions on the NameNode which will force an urgent checkpoint, even if the checkpoint period has not been reached.

You could go to the Namenode current folder and check when was the last fsimage created. Was the cluster down for long? You may want to review the above two parameters and check the timestamps in the current folder and find why automatic checkpointing is not happening.

- Also please make sure that your systems are time sync. "ntp" service is running fine.

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where are these two parameters defined?


@Sami Ahmad

Check these parameters in HDFS configuration and make the changes as suggested.

Super Mentor

@Sami Ahmad

Those parameters can be found in the following path of ambari:

Ambari UI --> HDFS --> Configs --> Advanced --> (In the search filter enter "dfs.namenode.checkpoint.period") 

then you will find the following two properties there:



How to enable frequent checkpoting ?

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