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launch of ambari services getting failed with alerts

when i do localhost:8080, the services are not getting started.. and lots of alerts are popped up for the first time.Please let me know the solution ton resolve this.


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@Divya Thaore

As you are running Sandbox which includes a lots of services and you might be having only around 8 GB dedicated RAM allocated to your VM (Sandbox) hence all the services might not be running at some point.

So you should do this:

1. Click on "Start All" Services from the left bottom of ambari UI.

2. Check if most of the services came up or not?

If not then this may be due to some memory constraints. So you can do this.... Choose the services which you do not want to use currently and then Put them in "Maintenance Mode" and also stop them so that they do not use memory. And only start the services from ambari UI which you actually want to use currently.

Setting Maintenance Mode enables you to suppress alerts and omit bulk operations for specific services, components, and hosts in an Ambari-managed cluster. Explicitly setting Maintenance Mode for a service implicitly sets Maintenance Mode for components and hosts that run the service. While Maintenance Mode prevents bulk operations being performed on the service, component, or host, you may explicitly start and stop a service, component, or host while in Maintenance Mode.


Means only start the services (and the dependent services) which you are actually using.

3. Once you have put the services which you do not want to use in maintenance mode and Stop them (and those services are not the dependent services like HDFS needs Zookeeper hence both should be running) you should start the services which you want to use and then you shoudl see that most of the alert becomes green.

@Jay Kumar SenSharma

HBase is the mservice which I want to use. It is already in the maintainance mode. Then also the heartbeat is lost.


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@Divya Thaore

Please try to restart the ambari agent and then start the following set of services (Zookeeper, HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, HBase rest of the services you can put in maintenance mode if you do not want to use them and stop them as well):

Step1). Login to the Sandbox using SSH on port 2222 (Or use Web Terminal to run the commands at http://localhost:4200)

# ssh root@  -p 2222
Enter password: hadoop

# ambari-agent restart


If you see that agent is not running or not starting then please check and share the agent logs

# ls -l  /var/log/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.log


Once agent is running fine then you should see Heartbeat properly in ambari UI. then you can try starting the desired services like Zookeeper, HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, HBase

Followed the steps given by you.. Still the services are not starting.. any other solution you can help with ? @Jay Kumar SenSharma

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@Divya Thaore

Please share the logs of whatever services are not starting. Also please share the operation log which you see in the ambari UI for any service startup failure.


from where can I get the logs ? these are the services which are not started. @Jay Kumar SenSharma


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@Divya Thaore

For ambari operation log just click on the red bar which is failing. In the attached screenshot you will see links on texts which are failing when you click on it then you will see the operation log. Please copy and paste the whole log for the services which are failing to start.

Also suggest about the services which are yellow in colour