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llap port 10500 connection refused

New Contributor

hi all, we installed HDP 3.1 including autostart of hive server 2 and

hive interactive (llap).

I assume these services starts successfully, because

* I see two hive server processes running, using `ps x | grep java`

* netstat -punta gave me back the port number 10500 in state LISTEN

* the app master is in state running

* the 3 container are up and running

* the logs llap-daemon*.log, llap-daemon*.out does not have any error

log entries

When I connect the llap server directly on port 10500 via beeline, I can connect

without any error. After disconnect (ctrl+d) I execute `netstat -punta |

grep 10500`. The used port is in state TIME_AWAIT. Usually I would

expect to see this port two times, one `TIME_AWAIT` ond the another

`LISTEN`. But there is no additional entry.

(The non-llap hive server 2 on port 10000 behave like I expect.)

After some time the port is available again in state `LISTEN`. some

seconds later back to `TIME_AWAIT`. And then completely gone.

It feels like there is a `max connection allowed` property set


Any ideas or comments?

Do you need any log files?


New Contributor


I just found the answer. The directory `` had the wrong permissions. the dir was owned by hdfs and only this user had the permission to write into. so after changing the permission bits to `777`, the llap startup works.

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