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localhost.localdomain stale alert


localhost.localdomain stale alert

New Contributor

There are 1 stale alerts from 1 host(s):

  [Host Disk Usage (398d 15h 17m)]

I have this error and I don't know how to get rid off it. All the nodes in the cluster are healthy aside from this and I want to do a HDP upgrade on Monday so could do with clearing this.

There is no host on the system called localhost.localdomain so I'm not sure where the error is coming from?


Re: localhost.localdomain stale alert

Super Collaborator

You can clear all disk usage alerts which will clear the stale alert.

Go to Alerts, and then find "Host Disk Usage". You'll want to click the enable/disable link in the upper right hand corner to disable it. Then, you can click it again to re-enable it.

This will clear out the alerts for Host Disk Usage. The stale alert will run within 5 minutes or so and clear itself automatically.

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