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logsearch time format error


logsearch time format error

New Contributor


- Ambari 2.7

- HDP 3.1

- HDF 3.4

- UTC/GMT +8 (Asia/Shanghai)


When I use logsearch, the logs for the service are generated in local time (UTC/GMT +8). Log in solr ` logtime ` field value is UTC time, didn't do time transformation! I also had to specify the current time +8 hours to see the log in logsearch.



I think this is a false indication.

I use a log in the configuration of logseach verified the JSON configuration, results show that the ` logtime ` correct timestamp. I think that's a problem for logfeeders, but I don't know how to change it.


If you know, thank you for helping me.


Re: logsearch time format error

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