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mac sierra virtualbox cannot access 8080

New Contributor

Installed the latest 2.5 virtualbox and docker sandboxes on mac sierra but I'm unable to access ambari on 8080 or most of the other services. Zeppelin does work. I've stopped and restarted the services multiple times and they all report OK. I don't see any errors in the ambari log file. I followed the steps at: just to see if anything changed and after recreating and rebooting the VM as described in these steps things are fixed. Is there a problem with the docker container that requires it to be re-created before it will work on OSX Sierra?


New Contributor

Maybe other service used this port (8080). Cloud you check listen ports on OSX?

lsof -i :8080 | grep LISTEN

New Contributor

I'd looked for other apps using that port and didn't see any. I wasn't just 8080, most of the other services were not responding except for zeppelin. I didn't change anything on OSX. I just did the steps for how to add ports that I included in my original question, including the reboots and delete of the docker container and now everything works.

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