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metadata integration from atlas and ranger

metadata integration from atlas and ranger

New Contributor

I'm trying to build a simple data lake.

I'm satisfied with the atlas for that purpose.

What I'm not satisfied is that Atlas captures only limited metadata.

My immediate needs for metadata include:

. personal info from Ranger (also, I want to add the deparment he/she belongs to)

. metadata from custom taxonomy (categores/subcategories of the datasets to upload, as well as type of source data (json/xml/csv/... as well as unstructured data, ...)

How can I integrate metadata form Ranger and also add those custom metadata.

I might have to create a custom upload screen.

One of my eventual purpose is things like showing the aggregation data like who or what deparment was most active, as well as let the users (analysts) search for the dataset that best suit for his analysis tasks.

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