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minimum_user_limit_percent & user_limit_factor

minimum_user_limit_percent & user_limit_factor

New Contributor

Hi Team,

We are using hdp 2.6.4 with capacity scheduler & defaut resource calculator

There are 3 parent queues: batch , interactive, default

Batch leaf queues are:b1, b2, b3 ( minimum_user_limit% = 20 & ULF= 1 )

Interactive leaf queues are: i1, i2, i3  ( minimum_user_limit% = 20 & ULF= 1 )

In capacity scheduler config we also have these parameters






specifically to minimum_user_limit , which takes the precedence is it the one set at the leaf level or the one set at the parent level

We have seen users using more than the leaf queue's allocated share so wanted to know is it because of the above settings set at the parent leaf level for both minimun_user_limit & ULF.


If so can we drop that to 20% & ULF = 0.25?