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moving a journalnode or commision a new, and decomission the old


so i want to move the Journalnode from 1 host to another.


this is a cluster running cloudera manager 5.13


it's set up with Quorum Journal.


currently there is 3 nodes:




I want to add node D. and then remove node C.


why can i not do the following:


1. add journalnode role to D

2. remove journalnode role from C


leaving me with A,B,D

and a migrated journalnode.







what about the migration role wizard provided by cloudera in the below link. so you can 

1. add the node D

2. migrate journalnode from C to D

3. decommission C

4. remove C from CM

yes, but that requires cluster restart right?
and also the copying on the journal node edit dirs.




yes it requires a cluster restart. But not only this option, whatever the option that you are going to try, it requires a cluster restart, so that namenode can understand the recent configuration change for the journal node.


Regarding copying journal node edit dir, was it mentioned anywhere in the link that i've provided? if not, you can ignore that. if so, you can follow the below link (but this is just for reference, i think you don't need to do this)

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