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my file is copied to local but I can't find it hdfs

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Hi, Can someone please tell me what I did wrong? I have attached the screenshot.

Thanks in advancedel.PNG 🙂


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Because the directory "/forPig" or may be its content already exist in your local file system hence the hdfs get command is not able to replace the local dir/file "/forPig" content with the HDFS file content  "/testing/pigData/drivers.csv"


So if you want to override the content inside the directory "/forPig" then you can use "-f" force option.


# hdfs dfs -get -f /testing/pigData/drivers.csv /forPig/drivers.csv
# hdfs dfs -get -f /testing/pigData/drivers.csv /forPig/



Also in your case "/forData" seems to be a directory hence you can try to specify the filename there like above or the dir like above


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@jsensharma thanks for your reply, but if there is already a file in that directory why can't I see it when i use ls command? 

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Instead of doing "#cd  forPig" and then checking the listing can you try specifying the fully qualified path of the dir like: (because there may be multiple "forPig" directories (like one may be in relative path and other on absolute path)


# pwd
# ls -lart /forPig



If you still face any issue then please try the DEBUG logging to see if there is anything wrong?


# hdfs dfs -get -f /testing/pigData/drivers.csv /forPig/



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