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need info for ams_hbase_env and ams_env configuration


I have installed HDP many times, always have an issue-- connection failed and connection refused when start ambari metrics.

1. during ambari install, I have ignored the ams_env warning msg. if I follow the recommended number, it will come up with newer number, I kept change for many time, one time I even changed 7 times, still not get it pass. so I ignored this warning, should I?

2. all ambari-metrics-collcter and ambari-metrics-monitor are installed, I can see from rpm -qa|grep ambari-collecter

3. finally, ambari-metrics just dont start, get all connection failed error.

so seemed the configuration cause the connection failed, so any one have good combination to edit ams_env and ams_habase_env?

thank you very much.


Expert Contributor

@Robin Dong Please ignore the warning with respect to AMS components heap sizes, and use the default recommendation. If the start fails even after that, please attach the logs here.


sorry, I terminated all nodes, however, I know this alert info:

connection failed to on every node.

some ports just dont open and directories not exist. my passwdless setup correctly for sure. however, connection refused, it is IP problem? if need static IP, limitation is 5. I have more than 10 nodes.

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