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nifi 1.1 workflows can be easily exported uploaded to nifif 1.2 in hdf3.0

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(1)I heard with nifi -1.2 latest processor such as wait and notify and other good changes are available with this updated version. Is it possible to easily export older workflows that are in nifi1.0 hdf2.0 to new nifi 1.2 , hdf3.0 as template export/upload.


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@ashutosh patha

There is nothing programmatically in the way of importing templates from HDF 2.0 (NiFi 1.1.0+) to HDF 3.0 (NiFi 1.2.0+). There were however some issues identified in NiFi 1.x that affected the creation of good templates in some scenarios: (Fixed in HDF 2.1.1) (Fixed in HDF 2.1.4)

If you first upgrade your HDF 2.1.4 and then create your templates you will be able to avoid any of those issues.

You can also just manually copy your flow.xml.gz file from HDF 2.0 to HDF 3.0 nodes. Just keep in mind that all the sensitive properties in the flow.xml.gz file where encrypted using the sensitive properties key you provided during installation. In order to use the flow.xml.gz file from one NiFi installation in another NiFi installation you must use the same sensitive properties key.

You could also use the sensitive properties migration toolkit to change the senstive props key and re-encrypt all teh values in a flow.xml.gz file before copying it to another NiFi install:

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Thanks, Matt