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nifi custom properties doesnt work for Kerberos Principal in putHDFS

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Hi i am playing with dynamic configurations in processors in order to deploy between environments without hard coded configurations.

My setup is as follow,i have a custom property file

it is referenced in the as

i have two properties in the file

    #settings til HDF Integration
    databank.shared.hdfs.principal=myuser@HOST.COM databank.shared.hdfs.keytab=/etc/nifi-resources/archive/myuser.keytab

Then i configure a PutHDFS processor with following values

    Kerberos Principal = ${databank.shared.hive.principal}
    Kerberos Keytab = ${databank.shared.hive.keytab}

When i trigger the processor with that i got following errors in nifi-app.log

Caused by: Login failure for ${databank.shared.hive.principal} from keytab ${databank.shared.hive.keytab}<br>

But when i put the properties in my processor hardcoded it works fine.

And if i try to print the values from ${databank.shared.hive.principal} it prints the value myuser@HOST.COM to the flowfile

I am running hortonworks nifi Version


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Hi @Simon Jespersen,

Did you restarted the nifi once you added the new nifi property or when you modified the file?

Nifi need to be restarted in order to load the new parameter.


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