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nifi putDynamodb

nifi putDynamodb

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hello sir 
i have json file which content



How i store data in Dynamodb table using PutDynamodb nifi processor.
every key-value store in different Dynamo db column. like 1 store in id coloumn, abc store in name coloumn and xyz store in city coloumn in Dynamodb Table.



Re: nifi putDynamodb

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This question is a bit broad, perhaps you could illustrate what you already tried and where exactly you got stuck.


In general, this seems to be a good reference to get started with:

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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Re: nifi putDynamodb


I've a similar question, I would like to save each property in my JSON as a column in DynamoDB. To illustrate my scenario, I'll write some example:


I have the following JSON:


"key" : 42,
"value" : "my text"


In my PutDynamoDb as configured as:



And when its save in Dynamo the data is saved as:




Although, I would like to save this data as: