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ntp works ,but cdh with clock offset error messages



I have one clouster on Centos7.The servers's ntp service works well.But I got the error message "

Bad : The host's NTP service could not be located or did not respond to a request for the clock offset.


How to solve it ,Thanks.



If ntpd stoped ,the cdh has no clock offset error.But if started,every node shows clock offset error.


- CDH 5.9

- CentOS 7

Super Guru

If ntpd is down, I would expect the clock offset health check to complain, too.

In order to determine offset, the Cloudera agent on each host will run "ntpdc -np" every 10 seconds (if I recall).

The output is then parsed so that if no line starts with an "*", that means ntpd is not synchronized with any NTP server.

If a "*" is found in front of a row, then the offset column is parsed to determine the offset.


I would try running: ntpdc -np

If you don't see an "*" in front of a row, then that means ntpd is running, but it cannot connect to an NTP server.




I think Its cause is that Chrony is running on CentOs7 default,one program same as ntpd .After the

After the ntpd program ininstalled .Clock offset warnning message disappear.