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only 2/3 dataNodes are live

New Contributor

Hi all...

We have 3 nodes in our cluster that almost were out of disk space.

I added 3 volumes to each node and mount the volume to be under: /hadoop/hdfs/data2

in each node I have those folders:



in both, hdfs user is the owner.

In ambari, I added the new directory in the hdfs config under DataNode.

DataNode directories looks like: /hadoop/hdfs/data,/hadoop/hdfs/data2

after this change, I have only 2/3 nodes that live, the other one failed with:

Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to node1-hortonworks:50010

Any suggestions?



Re: only 2/3 dataNodes are live


@Moti Ben Ivgi, Please look at below thread, you may be hitting issue with host setup.

Re: only 2/3 dataNodes are live


Few things to check

1) Are the datanodes actually running

2) Are those datanodes setup with a different port for some reason?

3) Double check your dfs.exclude and dfs.include files too


Are you sure that other 1/3 of datanodes are running? You may also want to make sure the NN isn't rejecting those datanodes from joining the cluster. Check the dfs.include and dfs.exclude files

Re: only 2/3 dataNodes are live

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Thank you guys, I resolved it.

There is a VERSION file under each data directory, in my case:



in this file, there is a layoutVersion property.

I checked this property for data2 and data directories and it was not the same.

Since I didn't have any data under data2, I remove the content of data2, restart the hdfs and it works.