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oozie datasets dependency not very synchronized


oozie datasets dependency not very synchronized

New Contributor


I noticed something curious about datasets (used in output-events).

Considering a coordinator "A" (the dependence) with these parameters :
dataset / frequency : ${coord:hours(1)}
dataset / uri-template : /temp/${YEAR}/${MONTH}/${DAY}/${HOUR}

Considering a coordinator "Z" waiting for the dependencies and executing itself every 5 minutes, started at 2:18 for example...

I have this when I look the coordinator "Z":

nominal time | missing dependencies  |last modified time
8:10         | /temp/2017/11/08/07   | 7:18
8:15         | /temp/2017/11/08/07   | 7:18
8:20         | /temp/2017/11/08/08   | 8:18

What I understand is :
The modification time implies the dependency evaluation
Before 8:18, it is still the 2017/11/08/07 file to be needed, because the previous modification is at 7 (7:18 precisely)

It is the normal behaviour ? Or am I doing something weird somewhere :) ?