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oozie error handling flow

oozie error handling flow

I have an workflow where on error it should go to a specific action [ which will call external notification url] and on completion it should go back to the same action as path the <ok to=""> would have taken. i.e

<action cred="hs2-creds" name="query1">
<hive2 xmlns="uri:oozie:hive2-action:0.1"> ..... </hive> <ok to="query2"/> <error to="errorhandler"/> </action <action name="errorhandler> .... </action>

Now from the errorhandler action, it should go back to "query2". i.e to the "ok path" of the caller action.


Re: oozie error handling flow

Hmmm not sure there is a way to do that unless you have one error handling action for each action. I don't think there is a dynamic to based on inputs in oozie. So I think you would need to copy and paste your error handling action:

action1 ->action1.1

-> error1 -> action1.1

action2 -> action2.1

-> error2 -> action 2.1

and so on and so forth. Not very elegant I suppose though.

Re: oozie error handling flow

@Benjamin Leonhardi we did thought about this approach and but yeah we will endup with one errror handler per action.

Re: oozie error handling flow

Yeah you might be able to give the calling action name through as a parameter and then use a Switch to go to the correct action but it sounds like almost more work.

Re: oozie error handling flow

New Contributor

Anyone can suggest how we can do error handling in oozie??