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oozie shell action


oozie shell action


Hi folks, what is difference between these two elements in shell action.In both cases we are mentioning

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Re: oozie shell action

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@vamsi valiveti same question was answered here

by @Benjamin Leonhardi

OK the exec tag executes a shell script in the local working directory of oozie.
For example /hadoop/yarn/.../oozietmp/
You have no idea before which directory this is or on which server it is located. It is in some yarn tmp dir.
The file tag is there to put something into this temp dir. And you can rename the file as well using the # syntax.
So if your shell script is in HDFS in hdfs://tmp/myfolder/
But you do not want to change the exec tag for some reason.
You can do
And oozie will take the file from HDFS put it into the tmp folder before execution and rename it.
You can use the file tag to upload any kind of files ( like jars or other dependencies )
As far as I can see the ${EXEC} is just a variable they set somewhere with no specific meaning.
Oh last but not least, if you want to avoid the file tag you can also simply put these files into a lib folder in the workflow folder. Oozie will upload all of these files per default.
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