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Highlighted in config-default.xml

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 Our workflows are triggered with a file specified, however we're trying to do away with that, as sub-workflows (using the sub-workflow action) seem to only use config-default.xml.  Given that, we'd like to have our logging URL be called by the actions within the sub-workflows.  I'm not having any luck with having the url in config-default.xml.  I can't tell if it's a parsing problem with the ampersands in the URL, or if it's because that property only works when it's in a properties file.


The documentation seems to hint at this as well:

     If the property is present in the workflow job properties when submitting the job...


Has anyone had luck with using this property in a config-default.xml file?


Re: in config-default.xml

New Contributor

Hi, Please try with the below configuration in config-default.xml. Also, please keep the config-default.xml in the same place where workflow.xml is loacated (i.e. workspace)





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