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oozie worflow never ends

New Contributor

Hi..., im new with cloudera...., Im already working with oozie, flume, hive and impala...., I have a process that manually works as I want. I've wanted to improve the functionality using oozie for to optimize processes. Flume, is not there cause Flume doesn't need scheduling and just using oozie for hive and impala.

When data is coming to Hive..., the idea is copy the information to another table that support parquet format and read it on Impala....

Im trying to overwrite the information from a table to another, manually it works perfectly, but when I do, INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE table_impala SELECT * FROM table_hive, oozie never ends the workflow and always stay on 50%......


Master Collaborator
Find out which impala daemon is coordinating the query. Then go to the web ui of the Impala daemon and look for the execution plan and the actual status of the query.

Also check the impalad logs.

It can be for example resource problem, that Impala is waiting for a memory

New Contributor
Yeaahh..., I did it.., but I didn't find any problem