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parent child versioning issue in nifi

New Contributor

I have a parent process group “A" versioned. Under this I have several process groups that are independently versioned. Lets say one of them is the “B” Process Group. Now when I make changes to the B Process Group like adding a new processor in the flow, commit the B changes to Registry and then commit the Parent-A to registry, I am able to update the parent version in test and it updates the child-B version as well with the latest change.

It works fine with adding or deleting a processor in a flow but when I update an existing processor in flow and try to update the parent to new version in test it does update the parent but says local change made to the child, It tries to update the child as well and then for some reason sets the child processor back to previous value and shows that as local change. I have to then revert the local change to make it to the latest version.


reason i have parent versioned is i have bunch of controller services that are common to multiple child's and dont want them duplicated at each child.


how do i overcome this issue when i have both parent and child versioned and deploying the latest child change(change to processor) with parent to target causes local change issue at target.




New Contributor

Anyone know how to resolve this issue or any suggestions??