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performance slowness and thread starvation on pipeline

performance slowness and thread starvation on pipeline

New Contributor

I have created a pipeline having 6 process groups which consists of 95 processors .

The max thread count set by me is 4 times the no of cores (ie 16*4=64).

when i executed the process group one by one then the egress from the process group is very fast( ie more than 100) ,but when i run the whole pipeline(ie all the process groups of pipeline at the same time) the egress comes to 100 only and I have noticed there are lots of processors with no active thread .which is slowing down the performance of pipeline .

I have also set the following parameters .

1)nifi.bored.yield.duration=2 millis (but the cpu utilization never goes beyond 60%)


nifi.queue.swap.threshold=40000 (To stop swapping)

nifi.provenance.repository.index.shard.size=3072 MB

2)I have increased the concurrent task for each process to increase the cpu utilization still it does not increased .

3)All the processors are timer driven .

4)I have increased the heap memory to 16 GB



I am using nifi 1.8 version .

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