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phoenix query server, odbc and heavy load

phoenix query server, odbc and heavy load

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I'm seeking for advice, as i've been struggling for days with problems under heavy load of phoenix query server.

To explain a bit more : i have 3 phoenix query servers behind knox. I load balanced them through the ha role in knox.

I'm accessing phoenix through php webservices using the simba's odbc driver. When testing each webservice, everything works fine.

(Only curious thing is that it takes nearly one second to establish first connection (odbc_connect) to phoenix, then the odbc_connect is very fast.)

When i open my website, which takes quite a load (but nothing that a single mysql server used to handle, so i'm wondering why), in one minute, i get my apache log filled with some errors regarding the failed connections to phoenix :

mainly to different errors (i use the error_log php function to log in these files what odbc_error_message returns:)

after a failed odbc_connect:

S1000 ## [unixODBC][Hortonworks][Phoenix] (40) Error with HTTP request, response code: 500

after a failed cluster query (which might result for the previous error):

S1000 ## [Hortonworks][Phoenix] (2100) An error occured while preparing statement: \n8org.apache.calcite.avatica.proto.Responses$ErrorResponse\x12\x1a\x13\n\x1a\x12org.apache.calcite.avatica.NoSuchConnectionException\n\tat org.apache.calcite.avatica.jdbc.JdbcMeta.getConnection(\n\tat org.apache.calcite.avatica.jdbc.JdbcMeta.prepare(\n\tat org.apache.calcite.avatica.remote.LocalService.apply(\n\tat org.apache.calcite.avatica.remote.Service$PrepareRequest.accept(\n\ta##select next value for "akinator_device_tags_id" as "nextvalue"

Would you have any clue or insight about that ? Am i missing some important phoenix config options ?

At first i thought about write latency, linked to index update in phoenix, but i also get the errors even when deactivating upsert queries, allowing only select ones.

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