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pig 0.15


pig 0.15

New Contributor

I am a user of the Hadoop cluster in our company. The current version of pig is:

$ pig --version
Apache Pig version 0.12.0-cdh5.1.5 (rexported)
compiled Apr 15 2015, 13:18:38


I like to use the latest version of Pig (version 0.15) and I like ot use it with the -useHCatalog Flag.


I would appreciate advice about the installation process, more importantly the Path of jars or URI's I need to export.




Re: pig 0.15

CDH5.4.5 (current latest) ships with Pig 0.12 plus patches on top.

The -useHCatalog flag seems available already, as documented here.

Is there anything you need specifically in Pig 0.15?
Gautam Gopalakrishnan