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pig map reduce is failing


I think I am running into a real problem now and need some expert advice.

I am running below scripts on grunt shell and everything is running fine except dump d; I am getting below error.

2016-03-28 20:08:30,686 [main] ERROR - 1 map reduce job(s) failed!

script running :

a = LOAD '/user/admin/pig/scripts/pig1.csv' USING PigStorage(',') AS (pid chararray,id:int,city:chararray);

describe a ;

b = LIMIT a 100;

C = FOREACH a generate pid, id;

dump C;

d = group C by pid; dump d;


Please provide the tasks logs for this job from job history server page, I'm hoping that will give us more information.


Hi, I can see the job in failed status on 8088 port. But when I click on the logs it gets timeout.. Do you know is there any reason to access the log... Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Go to your http:servername:19888 is job history server UI

Super Guru

you can find the logs at /var/log/pig/


there is no pig folder inside /var/log 😞


please install pig client.


Is it something which i need to do manually ? as I have hortonworks distribution installed on a cloud server... and I have pig view as well.


You can install via Ambari, go to your host page and select install pig client