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proc sql error


proc sql error

New Contributor

hello, we are new to sas-hadoop and currently building new test server.

we installed sas 9.4 with sas/access to hadoop/impala/odbc, sas/connect, sas/share and other related products. we also installed cloudera impala drivers and have done some configuration.


however, when we run below program it throws a error (using ldap authentication to read table) saying created table requires to  have at-least one column where we have same program running on different machine with same userid and password. we have .odbc.ini file where all hadoop connection parameter saved.


10         proc sql outobs=100;
11         connect to impala (datasrc=xxx pw=xxx database=whatever);
12         create table test as select * from connection to impala
13         (select var1,


14             from whatver.table_name
15               where var3='2017-10-17'
16         );

ERROR: PROC SQL requires any created table to have at least 1 column.

NOTE: PROC SQL set option NOEXEC and will continue to check the syntax of statements.
18         quit;
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
NOTE: SAS set option OBS=0 and will continue to check statements. This might cause NOTE: No observations in data set.
NOTE: PROCEDURE SQL used (Total process time):
      real time           1.18 seconds
      cpu time            0.05 seconds