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publishkafka not writing message for the past 8 hours



Hi All,

Thanks a lot to this awesome community.

I have a publish kafka processor which is just buffering the message in the success queue in the middle of listenUDP and publishkafka,

I checked the status of publish kafka last message it wrote was 8 hours ago. It was in real time before that.

I have set the shift+enter for message demaractor and I am not buffering any mesages

I followed this link as well but no help

Any advice or suggestion



hi All,

As of now we are not consuming any message from kafka topic. Kafka has been configured to store message till 7 days.

We are still in dev for consuming messages, but will not be done, however kafka should store the data for 7 days, is there any settings in kafka whcih specifies the amount of storage in a kafka topic, I have 6 partitions of ech topic.

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