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queries are complete but still active and holding resources in impala


queries are complete but still active and holding resources in impala

New Contributor

Hi Team,


Our  queries are complete but still active and holding resources in impala.

Can you tell me how to release or where to check any problem with querry

  • User: XXX
  • Database: XXX
  • Coordinator:
  • Query Type: QUERY
  • Query State: FINISHED
  • Start Time: Apr 6, 2020 1:52:37 AM
  • Duration: 1d, 19h, 59m
  • Rows Produced: 1
  • Admission Result: Admitted immediately
  • Admission Wait Time: 5ms
  • Aggregate Peak Memory Usage: 6.8 MiB
  • Client Fetch Wait Time: 4.66s
  • Client Fetch Wait Time Percentage: 0
  • Connected User: hue/
  • Delegated User: XXX
  • Estimated per Node Peak Memory: 36.0 MiB
  • File Formats: PARQUET/SNAPPY
  • HDFS Average Scan Range: 38.7 KiB
  • HDFS Bytes Read: 541.2 KiB
  • HDFS Scanner Average Read Throughput: 186.9 MiB/s
  • Impala Version: impalad version 2.12.0-cdh5.15.1 RELEASE (build XXX)
  • Memory Accrual: 2,615,404 byte seconds
  • Memory Spilled: 0 B
  • Network Address:
  • Node with Peak Memory Usage:
  • Number of Backends: 13
  • Number of Query Fragments Instances: 27
  • Out of Memory: false
  • Per Node Peak Memory Usage: 6.8 MiB
  • Planning Wait Time: 7ms
  • Planning Wait Time Percentage: 0
  • Pool: root.default
  • Query Status: OK
  • Session ID: XXX
  • Session Type: HIVESERVER2
  • Statistics Corrupt: false
  • Statistics Missing: false
  • Threads: CPU Time: 117ms
  • Threads: CPU Time Percentage: 1
  • Threads: Network Receive Wait Time: 19.88s
  • Threads: Network Receive Wait Time Percentage: 96
  • Threads: Network Send Wait Time: 617ms
  • Threads: Network Send Wait Time Percentage: 3
  • Threads: Storage Wait Time: 183ms
  • Threads: Storage Wait Time Percentage: 1
  • Threads: Total Time: 20.80s
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Query Timeline

  1. Query submitted: 623.00us (623.00us)
  2. Planning finished: 7ms (7ms)
  3. Submit for admission: 11ms (3ms)
  4. Completed admission: 17ms (5ms)
  5. Ready to start on 13 backends: 52ms (35ms)
  6. All 13 execution backends (27 fragment instances) started: 137ms (84ms)
  7. Rows available: 1.52s (1.38s)
  8. First row fetched: 6.18s (4.66s)
  9. Last row fetched: 6.18s (480.04us)
  10. Released admission control resources: 6.19s (13ms)
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