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"No cores available" in solrCloud


"No cores available" in solrCloud

I have three nodes for solrCloud solr1, solr2 and solr3. I set them up as per the instructions in

Everything seems to be working fine, the audits are stored and retrieved from ranger. The collection is created and the three nodes can see each other. I am able to know that because the three nodes are listed in the web UI as live nodes (listed in the three Web UI nodes). The collection is also added in the three nodes. However, the cores are only displayed in solr1. When I go to the web UI of solr2 and solr3 I have a "No cores available" message and an option to add a new core. I can find the files for the shards and replicas if I sshed in solr1, but they do not exist in solr2 and solr3.

Any idea why this is happening?

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