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"No document was returned by Solr."

"No document was returned by Solr."



We have a cluster with CHD 5.8 (Parcels 5.8.0-1.cdh5.8.0.p0.42).
We noticed this strange behavior using Cloudera Search.

If we search on a single collection we can easly retrive the document data by "expanding" the corrispondent record:

single collection working example1single collection working example1

single collection working example2single collection working example2

If we use a collection alias we can retrive only documents from the first linked collection in the alias:

collection alias working (first linked collection)collection alias working (first linked collection)

collection alias not working (second linked collection)collection alias not working (second linked collection)

Anyone experienced something similar?

Is this a bug or a feature? ;-)



Sergio L.