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rebuild Cloudera Manager


rebuild Cloudera Manager

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I am looking for some answers on the how to rebuild Cloudera manager. We had our disk images that run the VM's stored on one of Netapp boxes. Those images were deleted and the Cloudera manager went down. How would I go by rebuilding Cloudera manager? The second question would I be able to retrieve that data once I get it back up and running. We are or were running Cloudera 5.7 if anyone can help me with this.




Re: rebuild Cloudera Manager

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What exactly did you lose?

Do you have the database Cloudera Manager used? a backup?


If not, rebuilding is not trivial.


You would need to install CM, add hosts, services, roles again as you had them before.

Then you would need to adjust your configuration to match what you had before.

This can be difficult if you have customizations around disk locations for HDFS and YARN.


You asked "The second question would I be able to retrieve that data..."

What data are you talking about there?


Did you lose your NameNode fsimage, too?


Time to take inventory to find out what is possible/reasonable.