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rebuilding brickhouse libraries for 2.5, need hbase jars

New Contributor

We have recently upgrade to HW 2.5. We are using the Brickhouse libraries. In finding artifacts we seem to get most if not all from the hortonworks repo. But the jar files for hbase in fact all the jar files) seem to be missing. It has brought all our code to a halt until we can rebuild this.* jar files appear to exist.

We are using

Am I looking in the wrong place? I don't have a ton of java and maven experience. Is there a concept I may be missing?


New Contributor

All that part of the tree hbase/hbase/* only has POM files and no jar files. In both hortonworks repos.

New Contributor

The pom.xml is look for <artifactId>hbase</artifactId>. Should I change that to abase-client?

I have no idea what dependencies that your application needs, but probably yes. The artifact of "hbase" is just the parent pom.xml (no jar). hbase-client is the expected entry point for clients of HBase.

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