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replication schedule by python API

replication schedule by python API

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Please suggest how to do replication schedule with python mode cm_client. I tried with cm_api code as below

hdfs = api_root.get_cluster(CLUSTER_NAME).get_service(HDFS_NAME)
hdfs_cloud_args = ApiHdfsCloudReplicationArguments(None)hdfs_cloud_args.sourceService = ApiServiceRef(None,                                peerName=None,                                clusterName=CLUSTER_NAME,                                serviceName=HDFS_NAME)hdfs_cloud_args.sourcePath = '/src/path'hdfs_cloud_args.destinationPath = 's3a://bucket/target/path/'hdfs_cloud_args.destinationAccount = CLOUD_ACCOUNT
hdfs_cloud_args.mapreduceServiceName = YARN_SERVICE
schedule = hdfs.create_replication_schedule(start, end, "DAY", 1, True, hdfs_args)

I am using python 2.7.5. This code is not working and shows no attribute errors.

Thanks in advance


Re: replication schedule by python API

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Hello @AK_ 


You can use the below documentation to automate BDR replication. The documentation includes an example to demonstrate this


I hope this helps.





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